Macmillan In Service Training

Macmillan In Service Training (MIST) has been designed for ELT teachers who are interested in refreshing, updating and innovating their teaching practice while enhancing their students’ learning.

Recognizing that different learning contexts in ELT call for different approaches, the program is intended for practitioners either working with pre- school, elementary and secondary school learners or those currently teaching young adults or adults.


The program is made up of 6 stages, all of which consist of a 5-hour online component combined with twenty hours of face-to-face sessions.

Each stage is very practical. Most of the time is spent on hands-on activities; only around 30% of the time in each stage is devoted to reviewing current ELT theory.

Participants will be able to experience and reflect on effective and engaging ways to foster students’ language learning. They will be able to create or adapt activities which suit their own contexts better.

Participants are awarded a partial diploma per stage and a final one on the completion of the program.