Macmillan In-service Training Stage 1

About this Course

The goal of the course is to consolidate your teaching skills and help you become better-informed ELT professionals. The course program is anchored both in real classroom experiences and current theoretical bases.

A key aspect of effective teaching is having a plan for what will happen in the classroom each day.

Creating such a plan involves setting realistic goals, deciding how to incorporate course textbooks and other required materials, and developing activities that will promote learning.

Course Structure

Syllabus Item 1 (14/05/2014) Principles of Lesson Planning

Syllabus Item 2 (16/06/2014) Making a Plan

Syllabus Item 3 (21/07/2014) Stating objectives that develop higher level thinking skills

Syllabus Item 4 (25/08/2014) Analysing the lesson plan in my course book

Learning Outcomes 

In this course you’ll explore key concepts of lesson planning with a highly practical approach. We’ll especially focus on how to design effective lessons for real life. Participants will gain knowledge in areas such as:

  • Stating Objectives
  • Thinking Skills
  • Lesson Planning Elements

Our main goal will be to understand and master the principles of lesson planning to design engaging teaching experiences.

Prior Knowledge 

This is an inservice course and participants are expected to bring in is teaching experiences. Having some prior knowledge is always great, so if you already want to start this journey, we recommend you start looking for your notes from training courses, academic sessions, lectures and similar professional development opportunities you have taken part of.

Assessments and Certification 

This MOOC will be based on written assignments based on classroom implementation and hands-on experiences. Besides, participants will need to take a test at the end of every Syllabus Item, participate in forums and engage in the course dynamics. Successful participants will receive a statement of completion with an overall grade for the course.


This course will feature videos and creative assignments so you’ll have to spend around 3-4 hours per week, and if you want to know more, we’ll provide you with forums, reading references and plenty of insightful resources. 


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