For Students

The Brainwave Student Website consolidates classroom learning in its Homework Zone, which provides online home study activities that are automatically scored in each child’s Gradebook.
You can find our Teacher Notes below for more information on the different features of the site and ideas for how you can make best use of these with your learners.

The Homework Zone

The Homework Zone is divided into three main areas: Play, Read, and Listen. Per level, there are 20 interactive games for your learners to practice their vocabulary and grammar, 10 interactive reading mazes (one per unit), and 60 interactive listening activities to support your child’s listening skills.


Children can work at their own pace, doing any online activities as many times as they like. All scores are recorded automatically in their online Gradebook, which retains their first try, last try and shows the child’s score averages. Once a child is added to an online class, their scores will be seen in your teacher view of your class’ Gradebook, along with all their classmates.